Punctual Musings from LACKers

Trapped by the Bad Infinite: Film Noir Against Contemporary Capitalism

By Ryan Engley Perhaps it is not surprising that an Orson Welles film provides Classic Hollywood’s most enduring visual metaphor for life under contemporary capitalism. The surprising thing is that this metaphor comes not from Citizen Kane but the comparatively less heralded Lady from Shanghai. In it, Michael O’Hara (Welles) becomes infatuated with Elsa BannisterContinue reading “Trapped by the Bad Infinite: Film Noir Against Contemporary Capitalism”

No Book Tables, Badges, or Bios: LACK Interview

The following is an interview that took place over email in March 2021. LACKers Matthew Flisfeder and Russell Sbriglia asked the LACK Central Committee members, Hilary Neroni, Jennifer Friedlander, Henry Krips, and Todd McGowan, about their thoughts on the origins/formations of the LACK conference, its influences and approaches, and potential goals coming down the roadContinue reading “No Book Tables, Badges, or Bios: LACK Interview”

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